Hello, it’s me.

This is who I am (basically).

I’m into food, sort of.

I mostly enjoy cooking meals as an expression of love for my friends and family, but I also write recipes and food-related thoughts for Local Roots, a CSA that connects New Yorkers with sustainable family farmers.

I also like being in motion.

If you catch me outside the house, I’m probably not staying still (bonus points if I’m having a 1:1 with Mother Earth). I especially am grateful for my rock climbing and surfing communities here in Brooklyn & Queens, NY.

I used to draw and paint... a little.

I did this pretty seriously in grade school, and nearly attended an art and design college. Nowadays this is a minor hobby, but you can find some of my old work in my Sketchbook and Painting pages.

& I share the rest of my nonsense on my Instagram stories

My personal life happens @rachelyhe, and I play chess with my friend Hope @chess_nyc.