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During the summer of 2019, I was an Experience Design Intern at Airbnb. To learn more about the kind of projects I worked on and the amazing people I worked with, check out the Airbnb Design website.

I worked on two projects over the course of the twelve weeks of my internship. One thing I noticed right away while designing at Airbnb was that there is great value in storytelling. Designers at Airbnb are pushed to shape a strong, clear narrative from the project's conception to its launch. I was also inspired by a set of strong core values to create empathetic, human-centered design vision.

Here are some cool things I helped make:

  • A physical, printed experience translated from a digital product for Guests
  • A strategy around understanding guest feedback synthesized through data collection and research
  • A vision for a product to help Guests navigate new areas throughout their journey